farmer’s market

our Saturday routine begins with the farmer’s market.  yummy, local, organic food to bring home.  delicious treats to eat while we’re there.  and always a friend or two to stop and chat with.

it’s been a cool, rainy spring/summer here in Vermont and so the produce is lagging a bit, hoping for sunshine out in those fields, no doubt.  but today I found tomatoes…

add these to the basil plants (also procured at market) and the garlic scapes left over from this week’s csa and we’ve got:

soulemama’s tomato- carrot soup for dinner tonight and garlic scape pesto for snacking tomorrow.  add a fresh loaf of sourdough bread (I use the method in this book for a sourdough starter and the recipe for the bread itself in this book) and some local cheddar and yum!

also picked a few hand-fulls of sugar snap peas from the garden this afternoon…more snacking deliciousness.  my youngest woke from nap this afternoon and the first words out of his mouth were “where are my sugar snaps?”.

and those strawberries you saw in my market basket…well, they’ll be added to my csa rhubarb from earlier in the week and our Sunday morning breakfast will be these amazing crepes!

enjoy your weekend!


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