poetry and kids

I have always enjoyed exploring poetry with my children.

Now that I have a pre-reader on my hands, things are getting even more exciting.

Last week at the library, I found The Adventures of Dr. Alphabet by David Morice.  This book is a poetry-loving, homeschooling mama’s dream come true.  It’s full of hundreds of activities which use poetry as a way to explore language, rhythm, art, etc.

Today we played  a fun poetry game.  We came up with approximately 12 words.  We started with four and then played off those four with rhyming words (ie. pink…drink, sink/ tree…tea, bee).  We wrote the words down and then cut each word out.  We turned all the words over and took turns drawing a word to add to our poem.  My 5 year old loved hearing the finished version of our poem.  We used the same set of words several times and it was interesting to discover how different we could make each poem sound by playing with meter and word order.

I think we’ll play this game again and try coming up with 12 words that begin with the same letter instead of rhyming words.

We also enjoy reading poetry together.  Perennial favorites in our house include Shel Silverstein, Jack Prelutsky, Dennis Lee, Side by Side: Poems to Read Together and Favorite Poems Old and New.

I also picked up a copy of the Kid’s Magnetic Poetry Book and Creativity Kit at our local second hand bookstore a year or two ago.  My kids were too young for it at the time, but today I dug it out and my 5 year old had fun playing with putting words together.

I think it’s time to hunt down the rest of the magnetic poetry that was packed away when we baby-proofed all those years ago!


tree pink

owl eat

crank go feet

drink tea

howl no

me sink blows



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