letterboxing adventure

today was our first letterboxing adventure.

I stumbled across the activity on the internet some time ago and thought it sounded perfect for us.  my children’s interest in hiking was waning and I thought it would be the prefect way to add some adventure to the pursuit.

we made our stamps over the weekend using cheap unmounted lino sheets (I mounted ours after we cut them) and lino cutting tools.  my oldest drew the design she wanted directly on her block and I did the cutting for her.  older kids could easily do their own cutting, lino cuts like butter, my daughter just doesn’t have the dexterity to cut accurately yet (though she did enjoy messing around on an extra scrap piece).

we browsed through the letterboxes listed in our area here: Letterboxing North America.

for our first try, I chose one that was located in an area we were already familiar with, that didn’t seem like it would be too difficult to find and also that had been placed recently…the site does note when boxes are found to be missing when possible.

both kids were excited and there was absolutely a “treasure hunt” feel to the adventure.

we got turned around in the beginning and were nearly ready to give up after searching to no avail for half an hour.  then I realized I had been reading one of the first clues wrong, so we got ourselves back on the right track and…


we’re already planning our next adventure!


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