goodbye poe

my daughter is the type of kid who forms an intense relationship with every. single. doll and stuffed animal that enters our home.  they all have names and rolls they play in her dramas…they all have held the space of favorite at one time or another, cuddled close to her through nights, always tagging along to the library, market, museum, bike rides.

the other day, after being told she could pick out a toy at the store, she chose (surprise) a doll.  we discussed it and decided that if she were to get a new doll, we would have to say goodbye to one of her other dolls and pass it along to another loving home.  we have far too many dolls/animals, far too little space and I am a firm believer in “less is more”…particularly after reading this book, again.

so, in an effort to make the transition a little smoother, we threw a goodbye party for poe today.

we decorated with streamers and balloons.  we served cookies (oatmeal for us, fresh out of the oven! and felt for the babies).  all the dolls put on their party frocks and attended.  we sang goodbye to poe.  and after it was all said and done, poe was handed over easily and we decided she would make some other child very, very happy.


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