putting by

I grew up surrounded by people who put things by.  my mom canned and preserved.  my grandmothers canned, jammed, brined, pickled… my brother and I would spend long summer afternoon picking wild berries and bringing them home for what is still my favorite black raspberry jam.  we had a huge garden and root cellars for storing all the hardy crops that couldn’t otherwise be preserved.

now that I am older, I find the same urge creeping up on me.  I don’t have space yet for a large garden, but we belong to a farm csa where I often cart home enough produce to somehow put by (today it was monster zucchini which I shredded and froze- zucchini muffins will surely make me smile in the dark days of winter) and we also take advantage of the pick your own opportunities that prevail in southern vermont (er, 15 pounds of blueberries this week!)

as in all things “do-it-yourself”, there is something deeply satisfying in this preservation…this good use of what’s available.  if nothing else, it’s certainly a tastier and more environmentally sound way to eat out-of-season.

…and things to come!


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