well, that was a bigger project than I thought…

saw this tutorial at there is beauty all around about a week and a half ago and thought it was such a cool idea!  I rushed out and picked up fabric and got started…and worked, and worked, and worked.  talk about a time-intensive project, but I am thrilled with the results.  I can just imagine the creative/math play to come…

I followed her directions pretty much to the letter.  I used 100% cotton broadcloth and used a double layer of unbleached cotton quilt batting for the inner layer.  I used one color more and so adjusted the math and ended up with 64 total tiles, which feels like a good amount for ONE person working with them…I may make more so the colors/choices don’t feel limiting if both my kids want to play with them at once.  I spent a couple hours each evening for a week and a half, plus a few odd free hours during the day during that period working on these…if I had to guess, I’d say this project took about 25 hours.


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