right now, i am…

trying to come to terms with the fact that it is almost, kind of, sort of the end of summer…how did that happen?

figuring out how to squeeze the rest of our summer bucket list into these last warm weeks.

Preparing to Pick and Preserve many many Pounds of Peaches…which we will Procure tomorrow.  and trying hard not to Panic at the Prospect of my first solo canning Project (oh, how I wish my mother wasn’t 6 hours away!)…Planning peach salsa, frozen peach puree (for smoothies), more peach frozen yogurt, dried peaches (for snacking and granola) and straight up canned peaches.  YUM.

belting this tune by francis england at full, rock out volume alongside my kids…best kid’s anthem ever (ps. the whole album rocks- check it out!)

feeling excited at the beginning of our first official year of homeschooling…we’ve always known we would home school and our vision of homeschooling is really an extension of what we’ve always done with our kids, but now that my daughter is 5, and would otherwise be starting kindergarten in one week, it feels very real and exciting.

enthralled with Tatjana Soli’s The Lotus Eaters.  I cannot. put. this. book. down.

loving all the art-making that’s been happening around here…new, high quality art supplies go a long way in encouraging exploration and achievement in art!

glowing when she figures something out she thought she couldn’t…all by herself…the pride and confidence in her face will be held close to my heart.


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