most posts around here are fairly upbeat, but given my proximity to the devastation, it’s necessary to spend some time on it here.

this is my town.  I live 2 blocks from here.  I walk this way on nearly a daily basis.

the chatter this morning felt fairly callous and insensitive.  Irene certainly didn’t feel over-hyped to those of us in states and communities inundated by flood waters.

here in the state of vermont, 3 4 people have died in the flood waters.  260 roads have been washed out and are impassable.  hundreds and hundreds have been left homeless.  13 town are completely isolated with no way out and little provisions.

for those looking to help:

Vermont Red Cross

United Way Vermont Disaster Relief Fund

I will also be donating 10% of all sales in my shop to the Vermont Red Cross beginning today through the end of September 2011.

more ways to help will be forthcoming as I hear about them.

thank you!


2 thoughts on “flood

    • thanks! waters have receded (here in brattleboro vt- others are not so lucky yet) and clean up has begun. we’re now finding hope in the way community can pull together and pull through and rise up!

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