shape, line, color

it was another rainy day here in southern vermont, and I tried not to think much of flooding by staying busy with the kids.

looking over the days photos and projects, I am amazed at how they all echoed one another.

the geoboard made its way into play today…we made ours about a year? ago after seeing this one over at filth wizardry.  so easy (and cheap!) to make…we scored the peg board off freecycle and the ball of rubber bands at staples.  we followed her instructions pretty closely, I spray painted the pegboard to give the rubber band colors a bit more pop though.

the geoboard is stored beside the felt board…and so, the two inevitably make appearances together.  mine is just an extra piece of pegboard covered in black felt (I stapled it to the back with a staple gun in a similar fashion to stretching a canvas).  the shapes?  I took a bunch of my scrap felt and cut out circles of a couple different sizes, squares of a couple different sizes, some rectangles and some triangles.  I doubled each shape and did a rough stitch around the perimeter with my sewing machine.  this was just to give the shapes a little more heft.  a single layer of felt would work too…and cut out a big chunk of the labor/time involved here.  I’ve picked up felt shapes here and there…last year, we found a bunch of halloween shapes and I though it might make a nice storyboard, but honestly, my kids get a bigger kick out of playing with shape and color with this…

my older (5 years old) and I also did a project focused on Piet Mondrian.  we’ve been picking artists here and there and looking at their work and then making our own works inspired by that artist.  we have Discovering Great Artists by M. Kohl and K. Solga and I also have an endless supply of art history compilations via all those requisites in art school.  so, between my collection and google images, we looked at a lot of Mondrian’s work and talked about his theories and ideas (in general, pared down, 5 yo terms) and then we took to our canvas.  I had divided it into quadrants ahead of time with a sharpie.  we painted away (and had a lot of fun talking about primary/tertiary colors and mixing paint), let it dry and then used electrical tape to grid it off and neaten.

my daughter was so surprised and excited to see this finished work after having spent some time on the subject as a whole…it would have been even more awesome I think had we still lived in the city- we could’ve popped over to the art museum and seen them live…she wanted it hung up on her wall immediately.

today was a good day…now, if only this rain would stop.


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