hooks and string

the weather here in vermont has turned decidedly cooler in the evenings…a hint of fall most certainly in the air these days and glimmers of brilliance already peeking through the trees here and there.

I love the fall.  I have always loved the fall, even before I moved to vermont where the season is breathtaking.  I have many reasons for this but among the top…I start to feel like crocheting again.  I have serious issues with bringing the yarn stash out in the summer heat, it just doesn’t feel right to me, but by fall, I am jonesing for some crochet action.

so first in the line-up this season, some sweet play hats for my littles.  one photo is ridiculously blurry, but you’ll get the idea…they’ve been worn daily since completion- even to bed!

I’m already working on horned hat number three for a sweet three year old friend!

sorry, no tutorial…I basically wing it with my kids hats, crocheting in the round decreasing/increasing as I go and fitting every so often to make sure I’m not too far off base.  I filled the horns with a layer of stabilizer and wool fill.  I used Loops and Threads Cotton Club- it’s 100% cotton with a nice selection of bright colors.

so, what are you casting on/crocheting?


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