handmade book

we’re in the throws of pre-reading here with our 5.5 yo home schooled daughter.

this idea grew out of my love of *making handmade books, my love of photographing our day to day adventures and a desire to work through memory/storytelling as an approach to reading.

* this is my first handmade book in 6+ years.  from a technical point of view, there are a lot of things I could have done better or differently…but when I get excited about a project, I tend to dive in head first and throw the review of instructions to the wind.

I used Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign to design the book.

the wine is an optional tool…but I should disclose that almost immediately after this photo was taken I spilled pictured glass of wine ON the pages I had folded, assembled and punched holes for binding in…gaaah.

we sat down together today and looked through the book.  she was so excited to see photos of herself in a book format.  and the writing prompts worked beautifully (she transcribed the story to me).

I can see many more of these in the future!




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