another writing/reading activity

I’ve seen this idea many places in many different forms.  most recently, I saw the idea in Mariah Bruehl’s Playful Learning, which is awesome- so very many great projects and activities!

As I stated previously, we are on the cusp of reading here and additionally, we’ve got a serious love for all things mail related…sending, receiving and just generally stuffing envelopes!

After hunting around the craft store with an open mind…I settled for these plain flip lidded boxes.  I designed some simple postcards too.  I figure we can get some writing, some word recognition and learning our address in with this activity.  Not to mention the lovely art that will grace the other side!

I cut a long horizontal slit in each box and each member of the family decorated a box…labeling their name on the front so it could be read while stacked.  boxes can then be unstacked and open from the flip-lid top to remove/check for mail (as happens repeatedly during the day!).

As predicted, this has been a huge hit!  My older loves filling everyone else’s mailboxes through the day.  even more than that, is the thrill she gets when she checks her box in the morning for mail and finds surprises from house “secret admirer”!!!


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