Halloween: Take One

We love Halloween around here…okay, really– what’s not to love?

As an adult, and mama- one of my favorite things about Halloween is making a costume come together.  The DIY crafty maven in me perks her ears at the very word costume…oh!  the possibilities.

My 5yo has decided she MUST be Rapunzel this year…and really, not *just* Rapunzel, but Tangled Rapunzel.  We could buy the whole shebang at the store- but I love the fun and challenge of making it…and Emma can customize and get in on the fun- she picked out the dress pattern, the colors of fabric at the store for her dress and the flowers for in her wig…I think she’s having as much fun as me!  She’s extremely excited to help me sew the dress once I get the pieces cut.

She got her wig this morning and was thrilled!


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