moving. 1

we’re moving!  our dream property surfaced and we’re off at a running start…

large farmhouse.  38 acres.

privacy. beauty.

my husband and I have spent the last 14+ years living in itty bitty spaces. and with kids underfoot for the past 5.5 years.  until 2 years ago, we lived in the middle of Philadelphia…which was awesome while we were there, until a yearning for our own rural upbringing surfaced.  we both grew up in small rural areas and wanted to give that to our children…we wanted to surround ourselves with green, green and more green.  we looked toward new england because it was also important to us to find a progressive area that would mirror our values and ideals.  vermont was a winner on all these fronts (and my husband got into the graduate program he wanted here- that helped).  we made the transition gradually…we spent the past two years right in a small town- within walking distance of coffee, groceries, entertainment, restaurants- this felt like a necessary and important step between metro and rural.  but then, again, that feeling crept in urging us to seek an even more rural setting, asking for land to make homesteading dreams come true.

we told ourselves we’d browse around…we’d take a look at what was out there…just, you know, to see.

and within a couple weeks of just looking, it popped up.  6 br farmhouse, 38 acres, our price range.  I thought, surely there’s something wrong with this place…but, we’ll take a look anyway, just to see!

what we found was an old farmhouse that surely needs a little tlc…care we’ve got at the ready to give freely (I do love a challenge)…but certainly not the disaster I was sure we would find (and I’m an optimist).

my kids charged about the enormous yard, planning their flock of chickens…planning the dog or cat we’ve never had the space or permission for…planning glorious hours outside their front door just being here…surrounded by trees- and green, and green and green.

I’m so happy, excited, ecstatic, in awe I could cry and laugh and throw myself around one of those trees in our new yard and profess undying love.

stay tuned for (sporadic) posts on the renovation, move and homesteading life of former urbanites (and all the antics that will surely follow).


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