paint chip art

pinterest is my newest addiction…I’m a sucker for lists…I’ve got several corkboards overflowing with inspiration/ideas in the flesh in my studio…

when I got turned on to pinterest, I thought, finally a way to organize all the awesome ideas I come across in the blogosphere…no more scrolling through endless links in my firefox bookmarks trying to hunt down “that thing I saw somewhere, at some point?”

one such idea I saw this past week was this fantastic paint chip piece.

after pinching a handful of paint chip cards from the hardware store, I chopped them down into small squares using a paper cutter.

I gridded off large sheets of black posterboard for both the kiddos (I used yarn taped to the back).

voila…grabbed a couple empty frames that kicked around the studio and threw them on the wall.

I think they turned out fabulous and the kids were thrilled with the results.

and they look great on that empty wall I had beside the door!

and we’ve got tons of cut paint chips left for random art making fun!



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