things I’ve learned this winter or gratitude post pt. 1

things I’ve learned this winter  or appreciation post #1

a big pile of split dry wood makes me very happy…
also,  having a husband who is not only willing to learn how to use a chainsaw and splitting maul, but actually enjoys these things and makes said wood pile happen, rocks.

100% merino wool long johns, enough said.
those luxurious cashmere sweaters, once a must for going out…still a must for going out- to the wood pile (and how about some cashmere long johns?!  I could really get down with that).

driving in vermont mud season…way harder than driving in vermont snow season.
but that mud…enough to make 2 kids I know completely happy for hours.
having a washer IN my house is a necessity- because that mud- everywhere!

learning and anticipating new things is what it’s really all about (maple tapping!  chickens!  building!  sheep?  shearing? spinning?)

this life is amazing and I love it.

disclaimer…while this happens to be a mushy gushy happy-homesteader post, I know it’s also really hard.  this winter found us stressed from a big move, ridiculously poor and struggling to make ends meet most of the time…but in the end, it’s today (and all the other days like today) that make me so happy to be living my life…and striving to be present and appreciative of it as often as possible.


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