October Bookshelf

Once a month, I’ll highlight some of the titles we read during the month.  More often than not, these will be choices borrowed from the library…it would be an impossible feat to list every book my kids read from our own library!

Bats, Adrienne Mason
Pumpkin Shivaree, Rick Agran
Barn Dance, Pat Hutchins
Barn Dance, Bill Martin Jr
Ghosts in the House, Kazuno Kohara
Shiver Me Timbers: Pirate Poems and Paintings, Douglas Florian
Crazy Concoctions: A Mad Scientists Guide to Messy Mixtures, Jordan, Brown
Best Friends in Fairyland, Daisy Meadows
The Fairies Birthday Surprise, Daisy Meadows
Joe and Sparky Superstars, Jamie Michalak
Joe and Sparky Get New Wheels, Jamie Michalak
Elephants, Laura Marsh
Christmas in Camelot (Magic Tree House), MAry Pope Osborne
We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt, Steve Metzger
A Little Peace, Barbara Kerley
Mad At Mommy, Komako Sakai
Red Butterfly: How a Princess Smuggled the Secret of Silk out of China, Deborah Noyes
You’re Aboard Spaceship Earth, Patricia Lauber
Time of Wonder, Robert McCloskey
Picnic, Emily Arnold McCully
National Geographic Kids Everything Egypt, Crispin Boyer
The Halloween Parade, Rosemary Wells
The Scarebird, Sid Fleischman
Pumpkin Moon, Tim Preston
Dorrie and the Haunted Schoolhouse, Patricia Coombs
Moonlight on the Magic Flute, Mary Pope Osborne
Tonight on the Titanic, Mary Pope Osborne
Thanksgiving on Thursday, Mary Pope Osborne
Twister on Tuesday, Mary Pope Osborne
The Magic School Bus: Inside a Hurricane, Joanna Cole
Look Back and See, Margaret Read MacDonald

Magic Tree House books 25-29
Magic Tree House books 30-32
Junie B Jones books 21-24

Life Undergrowth (2)
Mongolian Pingpong
Pixar Shorts



mask book- made paper masks
Halloween sing-along storytime
audio books- Magic Tree House (Da Vinci, Darwin)
books about Ancient Egypt and this one
Halloween sticker stories
made crowns
book about Gorillas
created potions
money- earning, counting, making “solo” purchase
leaf raking and spreading on garden- discussed compost/ breaking down
Halloween sing-along/dance- treasure hunt/riddle solving
community supper
animals/trains/dollhouse storytelling
storm preparation- discussed electricity, hurricanes
made storytelling cubes, played (from here)
computer literacy game
beads- pattern making
puzzles- Ocean Life
paper dolls
baking- measuring/mixing
made paper black cats
talked about silk, China


made cone girls, diorama environment for them, storytelling
swords/warrior role playing
corn maze- corn facts
fed cows
made parachutes for dolls out of trashbags
read to brother
Magic School Bus book- Bees
apple picking
nature hike
made applesauce
created brews outside- mud/kale/etc
observed snake- talked about hibernation
collected leaves- observed color change
orienteering during hike on unmarked trails
milkweed pods
sequencing/ordering (1st, 2nd, 3rd…)
modern foam art
audio books- Magic Tree House (Gorillas, Shakespeare, Pilgrims)
homeschool soccer co-op
learned about parakeets at the pet store


hawk watch
watercolors outdoors
leaf rubbing
lichen exploration
Snap (card game)
(gears, air, photosynthesis, plant identification, nests, ants, bees)
drawing, labeling, writing
letter worksheets
new kittens
story map project
handmade pillows- designed own iron-ons
Life in the Undergrowth video (spiders)
Magic Tree House audio books
homeschool soccer